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Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world

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Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world

Jasprit Bumrah has been a key player for the Indian team in the last three years. He has been a good answer to India’s search for a pace bowler how can perform across all three formats in cricket. His performance in all formats for India is consistency which makes no doubt saying that Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world. he stood out with queer bowling action which befuddled batsman. He is now ODI No.1 bowler and he is making rapid advancements in all other formats as well.

He now becomes a lead bowler in the Indian cricket team and Kohli’s favorite too. Indian captain uses him as a trump card and throws him the ball whenever he’s in need of a wicket. He is having a great time in red-ball cricket. And also selected over Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the first test. Bumrah is young and has a lot of cricket left in him and is a match-winner and is extremely essential for the Indian team in all formats.

Why Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world ?

  • #1 Pace: Bumrah is the quicker bowler India ever had. As Bumrah also overtook Umesh Yadav in pace. Most of the Indian bowlers are aged and don’t bowl with this pace but Bumrah manages to generate pace and bounce from any bowling track. And can easily trouble the opposition Even in the past test series, while all the Aussie pacers can hit 140 clicks easily, Bumrah bowled the fastest ball in the match.
  • #2 Adaptability: Bumrah is the bowler who adapts the condition and the situations of the pitch. And he can easily change his plans on a snap of fingers. He reads the pitch beautifully which is a special thing right now in cricket because every match is played on different pitches. In today’s cricket reading pitch is important to be a successful bowler.
  • #3 Death Bowling: Currently Bumrah is the best death bowler in the world. Because the pace he carries and the adapting nature of the pitch in him is so good. Plus he troubles any batsman whenever he wants with his Yorker at any time. His Yorker is so tough to play because even the pace he generates is so good. And in the last overs where the batsman is looking to for boundaries. Bumrah’s yorkers are so accurate, that’s why Bumrah is the best dealth bowler in the world with no doubt.

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