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Virat Kohli Centuries

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Virat Kohli Centuries

Virat Kohli was born on Nov 05, 1988 (31 years). Aggressive. Fearless. Self-Belief. Positive. A man who has completely swept the world off its feet. A man who has taken the burden of the dreams of the country of a billion people. He is an Indian batsman and also the captain of the Indian Cricket team. Virat Kohli is a passionate player and always wants his team to win. He is been absolutely fabulous in all formats of cricket. He is currently the no.1 batsman in ODI and TEST formats and even so good in t20s too. Let’s talk about Virat Kohli centuries. Virat Kohli has 43 Centuries in ODI’s and 27 Centuries in Test. He is on the second number after Sachin Tendulkar to have the most centuries in International cricket including all formats. This is also the reason why peoples are comparing him with The Great Sachin Tendulkar. And also thinks that Virat Kohli Centuries Number that is 70 centuries right now can beat Sachin Tendulkar record for 100 centuries if he continues to play for India, in the same way, carrying his superman form.

Virat Kohli Centuries and Batting stats:-


Virat Kohli also is known as King Kohli. India has given to the world some great cricket players but perhaps none as ambitious as Virat Kohli. To meet his ambition, Kohli employed the technical assiduousness of Sachin Tendulkar and fitness that was in the league of top athletes in the world, not just cricketers. As a result, Kohli becomes the most consistent player in all three formats. And his specialty is chasing. He is also known as chase master. Virat Kohli makes jaw-dropping chase looks so easy. He is a classic batsman and will not look that he is playing the sloppy game at all.

And even with the responsibilities of captain his game is always improving and always shows his responsibilities with not even with the bat but also in decision making in the team. he brings a lot of energy with himself as his main and the only motto is to win a match at any cost. which makes him so passionate about the game. And always demand more and more from his teammates too. especially the quick ones often sacrificed a batsman for bowling depth and led India to a long stay at No. 1 in Test rankings and a first-ever series win in Australia. He is well on his way to end up as India’s most successful Test captain.

Centuries and a Run making machine:-

Virat Kohli Centuries numbers are increasing day-by-day. He just loves making runs because he is too focused on his game. and Virat Kohli is too much passion for the game like whenever he is on the field he always looks hungry for runs. Virat Kohli is aggressive in a positive way because he just wants to go make runs whenever he is batting and make his team win the matches every time.

No doubt Virat Kohli is the most famous cricketer in India. and he is the center of every marketing campaign for Indian cricket. Also one of the richest cricketer in India. It’s his hard work and practice that makes him stand right now at the top of all. Its Virat Kohli’s era. He will not fail to put his print on Indian Cricket. He will be remembered for not the runs and records he eventually gets, but for the attitude with which he will lead Indian Cricket in his tenure.

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