Top 10 Highest Ranked ESPN Top 10 Games of the Week

The ESPN NFL show “First Take” has crowned itself a new champion this week, beating out ESPN’s “SportsCenter” to top the list.

The game featured the return of former “Sportscenter” anchor Brian Griese and his “First Takes” crew, who are taking on a more traditional role.

Griese took on his usual role of reporting the news, while co-host Matt Lauer, along with “SportsNation” anchor Mike Francesa, went after the media in a more comedic fashion.

On the show, the two hosts discussed the current state of the media, including how the media has become increasingly partisan and biased.

“It’s a lot more difficult now to be objective,” Lauer said.

“So much of the coverage is political, so much of it is opinion.

And there’s also this whole culture of partisanship that has been building for a long time, and it’s only gotten worse.

So, for a lot of people, the only way to get through that is to say whatever you want to say and take advantage of it.”

In the case of “First Tries,” the hosts didn’t shy away from the topic.

The hosts also discussed the rise of “fake news” and how the news industry has gotten bigger.

“What is this fake news thing that we’re talking about?

It’s basically a fake news industry,” Francesa said.”

I mean, this whole fake news business is so large, I mean, the stories are so big and the outlets so diverse, there’s no way you can keep up,” he continued.

“It’s so much fake news.”

Lauer added, “So, you know, we have a fake News Media in this country.

So, this is a really interesting place to be in.

And you know what?

This is the media business.

You know, it’s really complicated.””

First Tried” aired on Tuesday, March 16 at 9 p.m.


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