When the Dads Live: Dads live cricket, with special guest ‘Daddy’ from the BBC’s Dad’s Live!

Dads play cricket!

Dads are amazing, Dad-ish.

And I’m so proud to be a part of it.

The Dads LIVE: Doms live cricket features cricket legends and their incredible lives.

The show is hosted by BBC Four’s Dadliest Catch host and host of the hit BBC series, Dadliest Pics, and his son, DJ-dad, Jamie, and features cricket legend Peter Nevill and a range of cricket legends, including Steve Waugh, Steve Wetherspoon, Gary Kirsten, Jimmy Anderson and Steve Wiesner.

The programme features interviews with many cricketing legends, and the show is produced by the BBC.

This is the show where the Damps live cricket is based.

The special guest is Daddy.

The first episode aired on January 12, 2019.

Watch the latest episode of the Daps live cricket here.

This special feature has been updated. 

You might also like: A few months back, a new series of Dadliest Live aired on BBC Two, featuring all the dads in the world, but this time, it was a special edition where the dads played with their kids in front of an audience.

In a series called ‘The Dads’ Live’, all dads are joined by a special guest, who’s the real life Daddy, who has the opportunity to give all dads a free show.

The guest hosts include the very famous Sir Michael Caine, Dads of course, and it’s been a great success.

So what did I think?

Well, I’ve got a lot of thoughts.

I thought the special edition of Dadlest Live was a good one, with the dads being able to share their experience and share their wisdom with all of us.

The dads have also been able to use their knowledge of the game, from all over the world and in different cultures to help all of their children with life issues and to help them feel better about themselves. 

I love that it’s so open and so honest about the issues dads face.

The guests include Dogs and cats, a few others from all over the world, and some who have been in the industry for decades. 

The dads’ experiences have been well recorded, including the dads having to work with the kids, which also made the episode so touching and funny.

It’s well documented that the dads struggle with anxiety and depression, but I thought this episode gave a better insight into the issue, and the dads realisation of it. 

So, I’m really happy to see that the Doms have had the opportunity for a free live show, even if it was only one episode, in their own backyard.

I hope that this series will bring dads closer together, to help them better cope with their own life issues. 

This was one of the highlights of the first episode of DADS LIVE. 

If you have any questions, comments or tips for Dadliest Live, then please share them below.

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