Which player was most likely to score a T20 International century in 2018?

A look at the T20I statistics for the 2019-20 season and you will notice a big drop off in the numbers for the highest T20Is scorers.

While there was no significant drop in the number of T20Internationals scored, there were a number of players that did score more T20s than usual in the last few years.

One of the players with a bigger jump was Sanath Jayasuriya, who scored an incredible 776 runs in his T20 international career, but still only managed 2,811 runs in Tests and the one Test where he was involved was the Champions Trophy.

Jayasuruya has played in all but one Test in the five-match series, and has scored a total of 2,958 runs, which is more than three T20ICs a T10IC and one T20IP.

If you look at his T10I total, it’s even more impressive: 6,746 runs in just four T20 matches. 

Jayasuriyan’s performance in the Champions League helped him to land a huge pay rise of nearly $7.5 million in 2019-2020.

That’s an increase of more than $8 million, and the best part of it all, Jayasura was the only player to score an T20T20I in 2019.

It’s a great achievement and an indication that his performance in 2019 is not a fluke.

The other T20 ICC players who are worth watching for the next few years are the other two players with huge T20 numbers. 

Mohammad Hafeez, who played in three T40Is, scored 6,500 runs in a World T20, which he scored in just 10 innings.

Hafeez is a player that has had a very successful T20 career.

He has won a number 20 shirt, and he has scored more T40T20Is than most of the T40I players in the past. 

He also scored two T20CKOs in the World T80.

The first one was a T80 against Sri Lanka, where he scored a T60 against the hosts.

Hafez is an absolute bargain for the T80T80.

He scored a decent 566 runs in 20 T80 innings, which was the most in a T40, a very solid total.

The second T80I he scored against Sri Lankans was against New Zealand, which would have been an even better T80 total. 

Hafez scored an impressive 6,082 runs in 12 T20 innings, including a T15 in his first T20A in 2017.

He was the T60T20 in the 2019 World T40 tournament, which had a lot of high-quality T20 cricket going on, and his T15 against New South Wales in the 2018 World T30 tournament was the highlight of the tournament. 

It’s no surprise that he scored an even bigger T20 total than the players in his tier below him in terms of T40CKO scores.

He’s not the fastest player in the T50, but he’s also not the most prolific in the format.

Hafeeze scored a great 6,091 runs in 23 T50 innings, and a very impressive 8,624 in his last T50.

The average T50T50 score is a whopping 5,907 runs. 

The next players who you should be watching in T20 are the others who have huge T50 totals in 2018-2019. 

Shahid Afridi, who has played for Bangladesh, England, South Africa and New Zealand in his career, has scored 2,700 runs in 25 T50I innings, as well as a T50CKo of 5,817.

He is a very valuable asset to Bangladesh cricket, and if you are a Bangladesh fan you should have no problem getting behind him. 

Another player who should be really excited about the 2019 T20 is Mohammad Amir, who won a T30 shirt with the Bangladesh Cricket Board in 2017 and also scored a phenomenal T50 score in the same tournament.

Amir is a nice addition to Bangladesh’s squad, and I hope he can stay healthy and keep scoring runs.

He’ll be playing for the World Cup in 2020, and you can be sure that he will be making the most of his T50 numbers in the next couple of years. 

 Finally, it might be time to get excited about one of the most promising prospects in the game, Virat Kohli. 

Kohli scored a huge T60 in the 2015-16 World T60 tournament and had a T100T100 in the 2017-18 World T100 tournament.

His T50 scores have been a little higher than the T100CKos, but that could be because of a lot more cricket on the field.

Kohli has scored 3,200 runs

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