I played cricket for over a year and still have the feeling of feeling lost

In 2017, I felt like I was missing out.

That’s when cricket became the only sport in the world where I felt lost.

When I started playing, I was a kid from a big city in India, a fan of the Kolkata Knight Riders, who loved to play cricket.

It was my first sport.

And then the first one I played was cricket.

For about three months, I would practice with a team of 12 boys and girls, and then I would come home and play with them.

I played my first match in July, and I would go to sleep that night feeling lost.

I’d go to my family, who were in India for the first time, and we would go back to my house.

My family didn’t know what was happening.

I was in my room.

I could feel the pressure of the crowd on my shoulder.

My dad would say, “You are the most talented player I have ever seen in my life.”

I started to play with a lot of people, and by the end of the season, I had a team that had won a championship, which was amazing.

That meant a lot to me, because I had not played cricket in a long time.

When the Champions Trophy was announced in January, I went to see it in the city of Hyderabad.

Everyone was cheering and everyone was happy, and my friends were celebrating with me.

I remember that day, because my team-mates and I were there and everyone knew who was in the World Cup team.

Then I got a call from my manager: “You must come to the World Cups.

You are the star.”

That was the moment I was introduced to the game.

I had my first World Cup match, in the final, against India.

I felt that I was the star of the show.

I wanted to win the tournament, and if I could do that, the World Series was my reward.

I went back home.

I wasn’t ready for the World series.

That was my worst moment.

I lost my motivation, and that’s when I thought about quitting.

I told my family that I had been playing cricket for a year.

My father told me that I should be playing cricket and was really worried.

He was also worried about me.

So, when I went home, I asked my parents to take me to the hospital.

I think that’s why I started crying.

I didn’t want to go back home, because they had been watching me for the whole World Series.

But I was scared.

I knew that if I did not play, it would be my last chance to play.

I would not be able to live my life.

When they got me to a hospital, I told them that I wanted out.

I asked them, “If you can not do something, then what?”

They said, “The World Series is the last thing you can do.”

I wanted them to give me the best possible opportunity to play my cricket.

That day, I made the decision to leave.

It changed everything for me.

When you make a decision, it’s hard to come back, especially after such a long period of time.

I started working with the team.

I realised that I needed to concentrate on my cricket and work on my skills.

At the same time, I needed some time away from cricket.

I began thinking about retirement.

I needed a break, and so I asked myself, “How can I be a part of cricket without playing it?”

I had no idea how much cricket I wanted in my career, but I was willing to give it my all.

I took a leave from cricket to be with my family and to work on some of my other projects.

After I left, I spent a lot more time on my own.

I worked on my education, and even when I started work at a job, I did my work on a laptop.

I got involved in my own business.

I found myself in a different place.

I thought, “I can do anything I want now.

I can do whatever I want.”

So, I started looking for other things.

When my daughter, who was four years old, asked me to help her, I said, No problem.

I just need to learn how to cook, and do something else.

She has since become a good cook, too.

My wife and I started a business, and she is now a professional baker.

I am still working on my career as well.

I’m doing everything I can to give back to cricket.

At this point, I am ready to make my next step.

I feel like I can finally retire from cricket, and it’s just my next goal.

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